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Alpha-medicare.com is aimed to be the most comprehensive, updated and trusted online drug directory in Bangladesh. All information about medicine, surgical instruments, medical equipment and other hospital related items are collected from the original sources. We follow the rules of the Drug Act 1940, Drug Rules 1946, National Drug Policy 1982, Drug Control Ordinance 1982, Drug Control Ordinance 2004 & National Drug Policy 2005. This site is maintained by healthcare professionals like pharmacists, doctors, technologists and other healthcare professionals.

The following are examples of the types of our services:

  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Companies updated information
  • Brand Name, Generic Name of available medicines in Bangladesh
  • Local Manufacturing & Imported Medicines information
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Job Notice
  • Different Health Related News & Articles

Please note that this site is not the substitute for doctor and other healthcare professional advice.

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